Riding through the city, with a lot on my mind
When I'm listening to music, don't kill my vibe
Chillin like villain with my guys
If you got a bad aura; bye bye
Tell a fuckboy to stay out of my sight
I'm singing like;
Feeling my music, it feels like i'm high
Don't fuck up the mood, thought I told you one time
Chillin like villain with my guys
If you got a bad aura, bye bye
Tell a fuck boy to stay out of my sight

I don't need to smoke no weed to feel a certain kind of high
I just make music, make the people feel a certain vibe
Always keeps it one hunna these other dudes are tellin lies
I'm about emotions, see the shit I spit is more than rhymes

[Verse 1]

People really want to see me vexed though
They tryna throw mad shots, but I got a vest though
I bet y'all stressed though
You see me stressed bro?
Picture me sippin some vino with Starlette yo (Tssah!)
Niggas want to know who I'm beefing with now
I take a, sip of this wine
Then I crack lil' a smile
I don't think y'all want it with the King right now
I don't diss niggas, I dissmiss 'em
You're the type to diss and miss 'em
Get it?
Diss, miss 'em?
Wrist glissin, my chains; dirty dancing
***'s somewhere subtweeting
I swear this nigga really got me crackin
Oh well
I guess some niggas like to dick ride and switch sides for the lames
Bitch niggas playin games
Fake niggas always change
Real niggas stay the same
ALAIZ 'til I die
C.O.A.S.T. Life
King Green, nigga wha

You already know the dealyo
I only ride for my family though
Never feed into the bullshit though
You don't know me don't call me bro
We don't show no love to no fuckboys though


[Verse 2]

Me and Mom are in a better relationship now
I guess having my own spot is making her proud
I'm 27, it still feels like I'm in her house
I'm in my zone, still in my zone, when It's time to write
It's crazy how I'm more confident now
My main goal was to blow up, i'm kinda through it now
Half of these niggas at the top are not happy at all
I guess money don't mean shit, when the fam's not with y'all
Sucks to be you
I know it's been a while since I saw the whole crew
Shit ain't changed
You know the love is still the same
Some things can't be explained
Some niggas changed for the fame
But hum...
My phone's still the same man
Real men don't hold grudges
They talk and keep it moving man
Shouts to my day ones man
But if you're playing with my bread
I'll cut your head off like Wolverine

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