Ab 4 Pres


Soul roll wicked
Kick it till I got toes missing
Cold as an Eskimos kitchen
Refridgerator hater
Buy you out renovate you later
Yall sit inside escrows
I organize the best flow
Long term, long waited
Y'all niggas all dated
Put your career on hold, don't keep the call waiting
You like Daymon Wayain
I hustle day in day out so you can make your way out
And like multiple colored J's you can stay out
Still hot box in front of Agent J House
In the midst of ????
In all black till I fade out
You jerks want beef talk about top notch steak out
Ab Soul more advanced than space shuttle simulation arrangements
Thanks for your patience
Count down till your record end
I'm reckoning you'll reccemond Ab for president

My voice box leave niggas dismantled
Get it my voice box shit my hands full

Sorry mama ima chase them commas
Even if it means I gotta face them problems

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