Syonanto Son


[Verse 1: Young]
I was raised in the light of the Syonanto sun
Stay connected in Shinto with the last shogun
There be no one, who draws similar mic swords
The Kamakura Shogunate resurrected, we be the mic lords
It's Psykes and X to da Statix
Ignite rings of fire with swinging sword techniques
The Koto strings gotcha screaming at the skyline
The 6 katanas from the regiment will derange your bloodline
And the X gang, we always spit fire
Code of the black Samurai, it’s death before dishonour
Respect the emblem son
Cause the last one got his blood splat as the red circle on the flag of the rising, sun
[Verse 2: Influent]
Yo clear the clouds sun sets upon Orion
Enter the Dragon, open combat infiltration
I keep it real like Osiris on the movement
The great descendant, I was born to kill deceptions
Now, who be the one swinging the sword they call Excalibur
The highlander, son transfixed to your agenda
The real techniques, shinobi samurai tactics
Psykes the arsonist, Xstatix with the sword flicks
Technically, the conflict was never hidden
But still steady shining facing through alot of turbulence
In this jungle who the fuck you wanna test with
It's xs1 best believe we gonna kill this

[Verse 3: Define]
Combination of the samurais, you gotta see we
Degrade your reputation leading you to hara-kiri
The tanto, will be the death to your many men
Ending your generation marking X on your abdomen
From down south, we emerge through this light rays
We go suicidal, kamikaze on your bright days
The sensei respect your master splinter
You can never decode the scriptures that we deliver
Stay close, and live by the code of Bushido
100% casualty everywhere that we go
No end to this, we reloaded like the Matrix
The dark espionage, recognize Psyke’Xtatix
[Verse 4: Azrael]
I be the bringer of light with multi-spectrums of mics
The archangel, I breathe the words that I write
So you can recite the doctrines of my dogma
Illuminate the 7 wheels of your chakra
Every time we deliver lyrical fatwa
It's like a recital of a magical mantra
This is a stickup so you best to put your hands up
Or rhyme pellets hit your every frame for you to soak it up
The shaman rain dance till NVMBR reigns
Precipitate the raindrops till we flood the game
Psychedelic visions from the mind’s eye
When clouds clear we gon reappear as the sunrise

[Verse 5: Ilbril]
After November rains, it’s the rise of the Syonanto sun
You better run cause we coming for your head son
With ninja tactics and skills of ninjitsu
Assassinate the enemy without leaving a single clue
Deadly silent, the style is silent deadly
Decapitate the target, hanging heads of our enemy
Jedi Mind Tricks, mess you up mentally
Stab you in the back with our poison weaponry
It’s the, art of murder and concealment
With black robes on, moving like shadow movement
Swinging sharp blades of the katana
Ready for anyone just bring it on mana-mana
[Verse 6: Shino]
Ayyo check this
Yo it’s Psykes and Xstatix
See we hardcore like those porno flick
Bitch, you suck at writing this
More like you good at sucking dick
Riding dicks
Bitch please
We spit script
Flip trip rap psychedelic
Your shit cliché, it’s really damn ironic
My average rhyme is turning you phobic
See I’m so so sick please get me more than a clinic
You can never manage my epidemic
We standing on a scenic centric
Hover fly high like chronic
See I really don’t need your 5 mic classic
This music flows through our veins that’s more like it
Don’t fuck with this movement cause you know we moving
Constantly stay fluent cause you know we know what we doing
Rhyme militants fire flow spitting
The rhyme and reason why we crumbling your whole continent

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