[Verse 1]

Back up in the buildin with my niggas, and we all finna ride
(Whoo-Whoo Yah!)
Pockets full of money, cuz we're all about the motherfucking grind
(Whoo-Whoo Yah!)
Started from the bottom, steady working even if it's overtime
(Whoo-Whoo Yah!)
Tell yo' friend to bring a friend cuz we're here to have a fucking good time
H-K pump up the volume
Bando Midori got 'em hypnotizin
You ain't talkin mulla, nigga keep it movin
Cut that check, you're killing the vibe and
You know, them hoes
Done came here to see me
They see the swagger
Then they wanna talk to me
Like Ven aqui, ven a aqui
Andele, andele
Vamos a mi casa
Si Mami Si

Dark skinned, with some dye in my hair
(Bish wha?)
Skinny Papi makes her shake her derrière
(Bish wha?)
She might fall for me cuz I rock Cartiers
Red bottoms be the pair
Type of shit that's super rare
(Bitch wha?)

[Verse 2]

H-K, I found a new flow
While these other niggas, be chasin these hoes
Niggas can't fuck with me
All they got is masterbation homie
I'm in the lab just vibin with all my real homies
I got the streets on smash
Niggas rapping now, go triple trash
Tell these niggas sit down
Better yet "Bow Down"
Like my first hit, it's over now
Pay homage
OFF THE HOOK is rocking with us now
Tell me who the fuck can stop us now
Real beef is face to face
If it ain't face to face, you're just a fucking clown
If you run up on H-K, I'll murk you the wrong way
The LVL MOB ain't no joke bitch comprende?
Bando Midori
Got yo' girl steady asking
"Hey boo what are we?"


I ain't gon' lie, I'm afraid of commitment
Too grown to be saving these hoes
I know they creepin' on the low
Everytime I kill a show, they want more
Y'all got it confused
I ain't like these dudes
I cannot loose

[Verse 3]

Steady hating on me cuz I like to aim high
Trill niggas get that dough
Girl want the biz, cuz i'm that guy
Finess the pussy like a pian, aye
Y'already know the dealyo, aye
She's begging me to never let her go, aye
I'm done with it
You can take it back
I don't really want it
I will never holla back
One time, One Time is the limit
One time, One Time is the limit
I will not wine & dine with a ratchet
No wine & dine with a ratchet
Niggas like to boast all the time
But they ain't that fly
Been macking for so long they call me SuperFly
Don't get it confused
I ain't like these dudes

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