The L-V-L's boomin (7x)
The L-V-L's boomin
Yeah the L-V-L's boomin
Yeah the L-V-L's boomin

[Verse 1]

When I was coming up I had my own thing
Me & Klass always had our own lane
We never cared about the streets
Were were steady making beats
Playing RPGs in peace man
They told me I would never make it happen
I started poppin off in 20-12 mayn
The single "Bow Down" raised the bar
Then I had to kept it pushing, dropped "The MOOD" on y'all
BRBR gave me 3.5 on 5 last year, I swear this shit is hot
Back at it again to prove you all that i'm the only one who makes it pop
(Wooh Wooh!)
I swear that we gon' be rich very soon nigga
"Laval ou Rien" is the move nigga
Niggas tryna stop my cool
Watch me dabbin on my music knowing I will never lose nigga
One love to my nigga Big Dawg Lu
He pro'lly got yo' wifey on rendez-vous
Free my nigga Spyda, WAB Team salute!
Kci-Y that's my nigga too
Yeah, I see a lot of y'all be hating
Cuz we walk around the city like we mothefucking made it
Don't hate, appreciate it
We are not the type of dudes to ever fake it
Don't you ever get twisted
The LVL's boomin

[Verse 2]

Fucked up the game
Stepped up, got it fixed up
Got it fucked up again
Fell back, but i'm still up, still doing my thang
I don't do it for fame, I just supply the fans
Don't know the face but they do know the name
They see the mink and the Versace frames
I'm the one driving the ladies insane
You ain't got the juice, so stay in your lane
Fuck this singing shit
I got something to say
A bunch of niggas sneak dissin for no reason
I ain't trippin if it ain't face to face
(When they see you in the streets)
Same niggas tryna tell you wassup
Let me go back in my berserk mode
I swear the LVL's on fuego
Okay these niggas think i'm playin
I might pull in the scene with a...
(Hold on, let me calm down)
These niggas done know how I fucking ride
Two bad bitches always on my side
I got the whole clique with me
Don't be loco homie, you ain't vato homie
And ain't nobody fucking with me
I got the city on smash
All my niggas from city got a clean hood pass
LVL's stays winning, we gon' get that cash

[Verse 3]

Been rapping for 10 years now
Still around cause I never backed down
Not because of Klass or Da-P's sound
Y'all tryna find ways to put a real nigga down
I was doing this before Klass had a hi-top
ALAIZ wasn't even poppin
I'm tryna paint the picture
In 2-Double 0-9, I came up with a vision
Niggas started hating, but my tapes kept sellin
A Blissful Dawn's when I really started grindin
I was steady writin in my Mom's lil' basement
Had 'em thoughts about quittin cause a lot of y'all was sleepin
That's way back when Casse-Tête was winning
Way back when I was steady beefin' with 'em
Straight wackydy rappers from the city
Now they wishin they could be me
I don't see how they can touch me
I go (gun loading sound)
Er'time I drop a tape, I do the damn thing
Whole city full of snakes, that's a damn shame
I will never ever lie to my fans mayn
Look, I know the game, I know the game
Niggas paying for their views cuz they want the fame
I don't need no PR, to be on blogs man
I'd rather grind for the things, I really want to claim
I mean way, way, back, me and P were fucking struggling
Now he's on tour, making moves, straight hustling
I be in my crib, writtin hits, still passionate
Waiting for my turn cause you can't rush greatness
Talking 'bout greatness
I'm L-V-L's finest
L-V-L's highness
As long as I'm alive and making moves
The L-V-L's boomin

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