[Verse 1]

You already know the dealyo
I fuck the city up everytime I drop a single yo
Fucking bitches ain't the focus yo
Stack checks all the time nigga that's the freaking dealyo
Rappers steady acting silly though
Steady frontin' on the city when they travel outta town yo
Sorry but we don't believe y'all
Fuck an industry plant, I am sticking to my roots y'all
I got the crown cause niggas can't fuck with my flow
Steady talking 'bout grinding but niggas always stay broke
Bet if y'all put 'em on a stage, niggas pro'lly gon' choke
Braggin' bout doing 'em shows but they get robbed on the low
Got two things on my mind
And that's my money and my grind
I got the LVL on fuego (fuego)
With Starlette, my Yoko Ono
We be in the buildin', making moves, countin' mullah
If the shorty gotta problem, told her holla atcha gwalla
Call me skinny poppa, fuck around yo' Mom gon' miss ya
Couple goons might holla at yo' fucking baby momma
Kidnap yo' lil' daughter
I could be a better father
Snatch the keys of yo' Honda
On my way to fuck yo' sista
Back in the crib, open fridge
Picture me poppin' a pina colada
Writing everything I live on paper
I ain't got none to do with these rappers
[Verse 2 : C'nee Starlette]

Im just tryna get ‘em bucks
I can’t stand snake niggas tryna sit with who I fucks
Actin’ up like you feel a chick but bitch I know wassup
You be flippin’ like the weather, should’ve known better
Not to fuck with a bitch my type
Say the wrong words and shit will get hype
You already know me and bitches don’t play
If you a fake nigga get outta my way
Ain’t got no time to waste with a waste like you
I see you tryna copy, tryna do what I do
But I don’t really care Im already on some other shit
Try to bring me down but I op in my spaceship (fiew)
Fly, but my nigga way flyer
Dynamic duo, way way hotter, sweat
And he’s still makin all you bitches wet
Flow so sick lemme catch my breath
Back on my breezy cuz I need that gwap
Say you got money boy you need to stop
Watch me and my clique tryna reach the top
All you suckers man you deserve to flop
Trust me when I tell you that I been in ‘em bandos
Got a few connects that’ll make you love the coco
Realest chick in the game you already know tho
Starlette hoe, just in case you ain’t know so

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