Cool Out


It don't take much to spit heinous
A few statements; I'm making this bitch famous
In the negative sense
You should of known I'm far the regular kid
Look pay attention when your selling me shit

Attempt to think that dissing me was garbage I should of never clicked the link
What the fuck is a slump Johnson
Ill leave you in a slump Johnson
Cmon slump Johnson you know better than that
Who wan spar with the veteran cat
With the 8-5 letterman pack
Throwing the punches
Drop y'all in bunches
The only time y'all worthing with AB's when your on your crutches
Let me slow it down for y'all I got too much class to get caught throwing down with y'all
And the arrow of your career's pointed downwards dawg
You ain't really fitting the whole sport
Pull your skirt down, quit walking round in shit that a hoe sport
Your no match, I'm mo' towards a blow torch
Cause the boys way past ya
I just may have to
Spit straight asthma
At ya
Have you and your men in black suits I'm that rude
I ain't up in a bad mood
But I'm dishing out beef quicker than fast food

So you can go tell D - N - S
They don't really wanna see/"C" AB upset

Your bars can't move me dawg
You ain't bright take the cool Gs off
The gay type join a A-5 groupie squad
Let me slow it down rugged and slick
In other words drop nothing but shit
And by the end of the joint I bet ya boys be hugging my dick

They don't really wanna spark the best
And yes S dot Martin's next

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