[Intro: [?]]
Wassup Trigga?

[Verse: Trials]
Figure I would wait another minute
Slip my dinner in the door, I'm starving (I'm starving)
My apartment's up high and I got this telescope
Even though my leg's broke and I'm laughing (I'm laughing)
See I bailed out, didn't use the blinker ([?])
Woke up, took another photo of Yoda and made a stinker
It's mega evident I've been to see the president
The name's trash everywhere, but there it still gets me in
G.E. in 3D, they can see these nuts
DJ Debris, ADFU, Reflux, wassup?
That's the team to get [?], get with it
Hit it with [?] and next minute (Argh)
Spit the breaks sideways until it's proper
Funkoars, Vents One, Briggs, and Hillatoppa
Rap prime minsters, some say sinister
Pity the fool, fuck around consider 'em schooled
Get wrecked, place a bet with Hell's bookie
Ooo yeah, it's nice there this time year but hell moosty
Summer in the city, winter in the suburb
Golden Era two-thousand-and-twelve motherfucker

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Host Briggs
Mixing Engineer ADFU