Brainbox (Remix)


[Verse: Suffa]
A gentleman caller, come to settle the bill
A veteran, stepping in with a set off incredible skills
Revitalised, heads are moving back, forth, side to side
Like bobble-head Jesus on the dashboard, I’m rhyming like
There’s dynamite inside the mic, kill the chat
I’m riding like a Silverback on a tiny bike; alright I’m like
Awkward, dangerous, don't talk to strangers
Don’t court the brainless, don’t war with neighbours
We decent humans, no fucking about
You try speak the truth and throw up in your mouth
Lies are poison, and these cats are carriers, ad men
But I’m like Harry Allen; I’m a media assassin
I ain’t been infected by a carrier yet
Suffa’s not a puppet, fuck a marionette
Yep, so I’ma play the back of this mess
Till they start paying these rappers with reality cheques, check
[Hosts Commentary: Briggs]
Yo, check it out. We got the three resident DJs of Golden Era. DJ Reflux, DJ Debris, and of course ADFU. They 'bout to—

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Mixing Engineer ADFU
Host Briggs