Wonder the Boy

Play Me (Throwaway Intro)


Middle finger to the world, eye on a star
That means I'm looking in the mirror at a guy who'll go far
'Cause I'm a lunatic with big dreams who wants a new start
And if you can't leave your city, just do it from where you are
Homie, I just got started, you veterans sound retarded
I guess I'm just fucking honest, can't be bothered being modest
I deserve this shit like no one else, impatient, I'm not feeling well
No patience is my only tell, could you tell?
Laptop filled with classics, I could have released a tracklist
But I kept y'all in the dark, let you experience the magic that is me
I'm magical, my bars are fucking radical
Can't pay attention, adderall, I ain't a loser after all
Y'all can't play me, I know you acting shady
Just 'cause I'm fucking young, it don't mean that I ain't brainy
Act an idiot
But I've never been stupid
Except I'm young and stupid, but I've never been stupid
God damn, play that shit back
'Cause that shit was hot as fuck, just go and rewind the track
And I'll be waiting patiently for you to ask for some more
'Cause I've got bars on bars on bars and I've got so much in store

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