[Verse 1]
Look I don’t know how to start this fuck
I’m shook and I’m on a crowded bus
Lately I’ve been feeling less guarded from stuff
Like my feelings that have been their always
It gets worse in the hallways, turf, classroom, everywhere all day
Ay the place with the paper, pen, learn to type
Is the same place you learn you wanna end ya life

[Verse 2]
“But were so nice, were so fair” “If you got a D on this test your going nowhere”
Maybe I’m just depressed but still they don’t care
Stay g, bitch think I’m pretending get the fuck out here
Baby, I need some defending step up if ya dare
It's crazy u need a lesson on how to talk to me stay in ma lair
No need for these prayers I won’t be a slayer
I’m not cheesed, me I’m layered with sadness
I’m not yelling shut up ya fat bitch, I just accept it
And I promised myself I won’t let it get too hectic
Won’t go from sad to mad and get it, the bad fetish
For death some people obsessed with their anger
They wanna strangle every bitch that test their limits
I ain’t suicidal yet I’m still in this
Help me win this, battle for control of myself
Before I dig myself into a hole I can’t get out
Hole I can’t get out
Hole I can’t get out
Fucking hole I can’t get out
Help me
Before I dig a hole I can’t get out
[Verse 3]
What I do is fake a smile
Make up an excuse not stay awhile
I got some homework to do it’ll take a while
There’s shit I wanna do but you are not helping with your mental abuse
Damn, if you don’t understand come in my shoes
Not with semen, I want you believing that you really breathing how I do
Bleeding how I do, now I loose
Free from my thoughts and my feelings, now I’m leaving
Never, coming back I’m free forever no more grieving, no more beatings
That I give myself when I do bad I wanna kill myself
I guess I’m no longer in this your clever if you get it
I'll soon die, keep my name alive, RiD, never forget it
Never forget it

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About "Depressed"

This song is the first song RiD made that opened up about his depression.

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