Billy Cartel



[Verse 1]
Lowkey, I'm so lowkey
I don't even know your name, you're not my homie
I don't want you in my space, you don't know me
Mister lowkey, I'm so lowkey
Girl, you OD, get on my Uzi
Diamonds hanging from my neck, yea, mister T
Get the forth and back, don't you touch that
You load a Snapchat, well i don't snapchat
I roll my weed up, and then i lay back
I dont like talking, but i'ma need that
Oh, i'ma need that, I'ma need that
Oh, i need that, oh, that's i need, eh
Oh, i need that, need that
Oh, i need that, oh, i need that
(um-m, l-l-lowkey)
[Verse 2]
Please no bitches, when im witcha
I don't like people, they're all some charecters
I'm in a back seat with a bad one
She might just take one, she said it's all for fun
You see the [?] guns, I dont like none
Don't you invite none, I might just kill one
I'm on some lonely, but i like it
I don't want fight it, i'm gon' invite it
Don't you try it, it's in the carpet
In a nigga, in a phone it's ready to blast it
From mister lowkey, mister lowkey

Mister lowkey, oh, i'm lowkey
I'm your OG, oh, you know me
Oh, you know me
Oh, you know me
Lowkey, mister lowkey
I'm your OG, um, you know me
Know me
You know me
Um, you know me
Oh, you know me
I'm your OG

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