Chill Bill (Remix)


I'm just in the studio grinding thug

[Verse 1]

Look, two phones and I struggle just to answer
Grind hard shoot em all with the cannon
Bitches calling like won't you get you some manners
I tell em I'm very cool but when I'm working I be vampin'
Niggas hate it they girl choosing and dancing
Late night she be smoking I be rapping
I be going, I'm working
You see that I'm flowing just know that I'm perfect
I tell em fuck it you know that I'm thuggin'
Money and women I barley discuss it
She tell that you never do me them other niggas
I never do you like them other bitches, yea that's real baby
I be looking I be riding by my self
Coolin' with my brother mane I love that boy to death
People they be faking I'm good about needing help
But lately I'm cakin' up cause I'm loving you to death
I be so turnt up that you be thinking I'm on weed
You say you want that feature but you can't get that for free
Wait, lately I really been moving and grooving, I'm thuggin'
Like women they talk about what you be doing is nothing
I tell em I got it but really don't need to discuss it
I come and I go so the way that i flow I know I'm like fuck it
Wait gotta let it play for a minute, yea
You know what, aye look saint rap it up

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