The Click

Let’s Side


[Verse 1: E-40]
Ball cap fittin' my head hella tight
Strikin' on a Friday night
I'm at the stoplight, [?]
Sidin' in my step side truck
Yeah, I pop it, but now the man'll never know
'Cause I don't drive that hot ass car everywhere I go
I ain't a busta though, I'm havin' money
I'm from the Bay, the Area, the O, the Rich and the V

Players at work, hittin' the streets like a tank
Checkin' the runners (right) about the bank
I ain't Hank (ah, you talkin' 'bout Big Hank?)
And I don't sell crank to get rich
I'm just sidin' on a bitch
Might burn a little rubber at a stop sign (to the right, to the left)
A little sideshow for my homies on the corner
That's fine though, but I gotta go
'Cause my mothafuckin' pager's on the overflow
Smoke up the block and roll sideways
Made a left at the corner 'cause it was hoes at Kwik Ways
They was sprung on my Old's
And now, guess batches wanna fuck my Vogues
Now that's some serious shit, but on the fo' real though
Hoes see this type of shit and go Thriller
Bitches always tryin' to get a nigga for his meal ticket
They don't know that I'm sick wid it

[Chorus: E-40]
Let's side, let's side
Let's side, let's side

[Verse 2: B-Legit]
I'm rollin' solo, full of the indo
Lookin' for a ho, though
'Cause you know, you can't tell a nigga shit
When he got a hard dick
And it's obvious E, I'm lookin' for a bitch see
I run the hoes like water
E slap the bitch just like he's her father
I'm up in their daughters
E-40, come with the shit a little harder

Tore-up-ass bitch, turnin' tricks
Snitch, get out my mothafuckin' mix
You didn't want me when I really didn't have shit
What made you change your mind? My Camaro with the kit?
I figured, now I'm 'bout to slap you in the ear
Almost tripped 'cause I'm off this here beer
Don't try to kiss me with your dick-smellin' breath ho
B, ain't she ancient though?
(Man that bitch is a freak show)
[Chorus: E-40]
Let's side, let's side
Let's side, let's side

[B-Legit & (E-40)]
Alright E check this out
(What's happenin'?)
You rollin' and shit right? Got hella illegal shit on you right?
(Uh huh)
And the police pull you over and try to play you like mad though
What the fuck you gonna do?

[Verse 3: E-40]
I'ma jet off like I'm runnin' from a pit
Hoppin' over barbed wire fences, puddles and the whole bit
Finna time to get lit, me and The Click
Drinkin' this wild shit, we can't quit
Slightly exhausted from my mothafuckin' journey
If they would've caught me I would've called my attorney
Out the next minute with the hurry-up-ness
But yeah, I'm lookin' for the nigga that talked, he's a bitch
This is way too serious, just to let the shit go
We're on a mission for a nigga with a tore-up-ass afro

[Chorus: E-40]
Let's side, let's side
Let's side, let's side
[Verse 4: B-Legit]
We got juice, seen his ass at the phone booth
He was way outta pocket like he was funk proof
Raided his ass like a task, I had a mask
(The funk is on) I let my gat blast

Partner dropped the phone and had his bitch extra nervous
While he was full of lead, smokin' like a clitoris
No gat, he lacked, it was [?] to the back
Give me some dap, Jack, this ain't the average rap
His folks hella pissed 'cause we didn't miss
But now his brother's on our tip, 'cause he was next on the list
That goes to show you
Don't fuck with niggas that really and truly just can't be fucked with
This is The Click, gettin' sick wid it

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