Hezekiah Coleman

Fuck the world


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We use cakes to get by, by the dudes in blue

By killing cops and selling drugs,but what can you do?

Buying a killing product, giving killers my money, for some honey

And a nose full of chowder, he's choppin' up all the doubters see

Not for attention for killing
Polo purple like the dope i'm hitting

Killing you bitches, pouring salt in you wounds

Walk into my room thinking how to make moves

Drugs, sex, killing and lots of madness

I can teach you all the sounds of love

Killing like every single beat

If he does my soul to keep

No commentary my man, i come out swinging

So i say goodbye cause ma niggas killing

When your money stand tall bitches wanna know you but when your money

That bastard was buzzing like woody so we get it for free

Got a pocket full of cream, my moccasin's clean
Is money, drugs, hoes, violence washed up routine

And strangle you with that fucking leather jacket

Those bitches can burn in hell and contemplate satans shit

That mean im overflowin all you rappin niggas in cups

And he was married to my grandmother for money n drugs

Forget it its in the past memories pass i rather not rap about guns, drugs, and ass

All i wanna do is sit back and watch you move and i'll proceed to throw this cash

Rap ki hui ending yo jo thi pandat k pyar ki hui happy ending

Martin luther i must’ve seenmixtape, mix ya body with tapethat’s what that green’ll bring

Do you think you'll ever get to the point where you can live

I got snider bitches that whiter than the drugs they sniff

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