Wake up in the morning and face the day
Start dream chasing soon it'll be a step away
Shouts to Double A, Aaron Afflalo
Cuz soon I will follow
To New York and leave The Garden hallowed
And catch fire like the tree that takes me higher
I'll do anything it takes
No matter what the stakes
They say I resemble a superhero without the cape
But I might pop a pistol like I'm on my Pistorius
Difference is I'm pissed because I'm not so glorious
But fuck what glory is
Because would Biggie be dead if he wasn't so notorious
I guess we'll never know
So onto how I'll forever go
Down as the greatest
Who's most latest
Was hated but still played
And five-star rated
Wavy recreated the tidal waves
Now I'm gunnin' for the title belt
Stone cold bars that my rivals felt
With a flow that makes my idols melt

It's time I went the distance
There is no resistance
I need no assistance
Just my persistence (x4)


Going the distance like I'm Cueto, game 2
I would love to be in Boston but I need my pay to
Stay through, all the drama and bullshit
I need to be able to to at least rip 47 bowl-hits
As for the girl, she see me in some balmain's
Heard me on the mic, got her in my bed and it's ballgame
Facts on facts, I'm the fucking waviest
The proof is in the bottles in my room of the haziness
I hit the weed plug
And he said if Wavy need nugs than I gotchu
But furthermore people who saying you aren't good man it's not true
In fact, they hate me because they see me as a threat
But I bet that soon they'll see me on a jet
Living life with no regrets
I work when they snooze
I burn and make money while they lose
And while they walk I cruise
Honestly they don't know what's next to come
Rap game Usain I'm the best to run
[Hook] (x4)

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About "The Distance"

The eighth and final track off Kyle’s debut mixtape Just Another Day. This track is considered the older brother song to Island and is my personal favorite off this project. Visuals for it soon!

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