Kool A.D.



Yes yo and you don’t stop
Ha real hip-hop and you don’t stop

Yo, fuck the police ha
Praise Jah, Allah
I put the fatwa on all of your fake rappers
A lot of y'all never saw drugs and is fake trappers ha
But really though legalize drugs
Take back the blackman enslaved by the prison system
Man, it’s plain as day - shit ain't right
You drink the pain away, smoke the pain away
Fuck the pain away
Walk through the west side 'oast ghosttown
Fuck the chain away, I mean tuck the chain away
Or either way either or [Hunters Point p hill fruitvile ESO] stand up
Life is just a series of electric signals
Fuck the world grab 'em by their pig tails
The [sithfrile] demons relinquish their crippled claws eventually
Ha, Babylon fall, dog its meant to be
Love joy hope faith peace less reality
Everything is everything
Understand the earth in its wild true energy
Grow up, visually blow up
Spitting like the [?] two color throw up
Boys like [Dylone] picture up [the nylone] ...what? picture of...
I mean picture of [the nylon] thats whats up
Aait yo look at all the beautiful music that I style on
Styles on top of the mars roof with the tiles on it
Your boy at ema style so incredible sincretical heavenly
Man look this is the ill reality transcender the spoon bender
The soul cinema replicates itself within the mind
The light war, the healing procesees, the various conflicting prophesies
I speak with no notion to convince you of anything
All of your knowledge is subjectively true and I'm you anyway
If you're not thinking what I'm thinking you will one day or maybe you already did?
Everybody knowledge is in constant flux, everybody wisdom grows their knowledge to an understanding
Over-stand that culture of freedom is for fall magnanimus
Men is only existent via networks of power
But who cares refine your mind to a new elevation equality
Thats the true relegation the god style - build and destroy
Worlds born and the cypher complete
See the mathematics refracting the prism right
The prismatic prison light, abolish all prisons, right?
You, the vision high, priestesses, swinging their little incenses
The nature of existence is smoke,understand we live in the worlds untouched by
Our own notions of mystery, all of that resides in peripheries
Barely understood but felt
A lot of y'all cats hella soft like filth
Ima boss like Nelson Mandela
Fuck the part time - art life, like I said before
I'll say it again, fuck it
No thing under the sun is any different from the infinite flux your boy giving a fuck

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