Try to rhyme


[Verse 1]

Take your partner by the hand
If it is a man, then you must eat a can
If you think that’s crappy
Then watch me act happy

Now bake my toast and prepare for a roast
Drink some pepsi, get epilepsy
This ain't right, I'm going back
So I can get my snack pack
Now watch me play some games
Don’t want to hear you complain
Now come and listen, when you should be on a mission
I don’t care, just make the final decision

Hey, you got a sphere
Let's get some souvenirs
Hit my nail with a hammer
So we can put up a nice banner

[Verse 2]

Take all my dough, take all my eggs
Bake them together and get some legs
Look at my favorite song
Now come and dance along

When will I stop? Not until I get to the top
I won’t even stop, even for a lollipop

Here is my hair, and here is my body
Just don’t join the, Illuminati
Taken a step, don’t want to misstep
Took my time, and tried to rhyme
Now it’s time, for my bedtime

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About "Try to rhyme"

I made this song for my channel. It is just a random rap song, but it will suffice.

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