Oh Lord

All These Blessings On Blessings
Do It Look Like I'm Stressing?
I Got A Necklace On Necklace
I can Cool All My Refreshments
Okay Well Hold On A Second
They See I'm Young And I'm Flexing
I'm Smoking Dope With The Reverend
Even The Devil Respects It
He See's Me Braking Them Records
These Niggas Think They The Best
He Said My Nigga You're Better
Put All These Niggas To Rest
So I'm About To Go Dumb
Yeah My Nigga
And I Was Born In The Slums
But I'mma Die On A Jet
All These Diamonds
That Be Shining
Came From Grinding And Some Timing
Nigga Fronting Like He Stylin
Watch Us Slide Up Right Behind Him
Free My Dogs In Rikers Island
Yeah My Niggas They Was Wilding
Cause We Started From The Bottom
So My Niggas Yeah I Got Em
IF I Get Some Red Bottoms
We All Getting Red Bottoms
Any Nigga Here Plottin
Then My Niggas Red Dot Em
All We Do Is Win Momma
Because Failures Not An Option
And I Smoke The Marijuana
Love It When My Vision Cloudy

Oh Lord

My visions crystal clear
I swear I'll Always Face My Fears
Never Gave A Care
Until I Opened My Eyes
And Realized
The Skys Was In Prayers
It Feels Like A Fresh Breath Of Air
It Feels Like Victory Is Near
Ya Can't Relate Or Compare
Cause Ya Ain't Never Been Up Here
Ya Can Stay Right Over There
Talking Bout What You Hear
See The Truth When I Appear
Ya Can Look But Don't You Stare
Cause It's Levels To This Shit
And While I'm There I'm Climbing Stairs
Look And See My Peers
In My Circle No Squares
Some Gone But Wish They Were Here
You Don't Know The Pain I Bare
I Gotta Strive Like The Hare
Rather Get It Now
Closed Mouths
Don't get Fed
So It's Best You Open Your Mouth
Use Your Chest And Say It Out Loud
Imma Show You How To Restrain
From Going Insanse
Stay The Same And Marry The Game
Bare The Pain
And Stick To The Vows
I Be Smoking Loud
When My Chest Be In The Clouds
And My Head Be In The Clouds
And I Ain't Be Coming Down
Make The Reverend Come Out
And The First Words Out His Mouth Is
Niggas I Keep It Real With
Is Niggas I Eat My Meals With
Same Niggas I Eat My Meals With
Is Niggas That Fucking Kill Shit
Fuck With The Clique
Go 0 To 100
Real Quick
Situation Sticky Plus 50
I Hope It Heal quick
My Niggas Pop A Mickey
Get Trippy And Eat Your Meal Quick
On Some Trill Shit
I Don't Think That These Niggas Feel Shit
You Would Never Know What My Life Bout
Cause You Would Never Take This Route
I Prefer To Drink In A Stout
With A Spliff Lit Up In My Mouth
Ya Bitch Ass North
Her Head Down South
Blowing Her Back Out
Pullout Tell Her Open Mouth
Bust A Nut Then Kick Her Out
Then Its Right Back To The Game
Why You Looking At Me Strange?
Same Old Same Ole
Nothing Change
Don't Play No Games
And If You Wanna Do It Like Me Do Your Thang
You Might Change
Kirko Bang

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