Through The Wire (Freestyle)


Young nigga out the DTX
Niggas mad tryna stop me because I'm up next
Im to blessed
I just want a couple of checks
This the start of my art
Guess u can call it a sketch
It don't take no fuckin glasses
To see that I'm the best
Police niggas asking questions
But boy I ain't a test
I guess that's why they call me cinco
Cause I'm pleading the 5th
And u know that I am from Texas
Cause I'm pouring that 6
I guess these niggas hating on me
Cause I'm spitting that fire
I guess these niggas mad cause
It's is my time
Because I'm spitting these rhymes
Flow so cold
It's like you on ice
I got a style
That you niggas can't bite
And that u niggas can't buy
Labels want me but boy I will not sign
Call me cinco Paul cause I'm dropping dimes
Been at this Shit since bout 9
They tryna knock me off my hustle
But just know I'm gone shine

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