All my dreams
I'm chasing after
They don't need
All this laughter

I take a grain of salt
A stiff upper lip
It's not their fault
I'm not as hip

Wake up kid
You know you're more than this

I'm the smartest person that I've ever met
So why do I allow myself to possibly forget
There's so much I know how to do
So much more than all of you
The only thing I wish I knew
Was how to make them see
The girl that I can be
I am
The coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it
But can't show it at all

I am
Sick and tired of low not higher
Places where I should belong
It's about time I prove them wrong

Give me a shot
To show what I've got
I'm a hell of a whole lot more
Than this frizzy hair
These frumpy clothes I wear
Though I rock 'em like nobody you've seen before

I am
The coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it
Below it all

I am
Done with losing
On with choosing
The coolest girl on the face of the planet
The coolest bitch on earth, goddammit
The coolest chick you've ever seen or heard

So you can try to bring me down
I'm sorry guys, I'm sticking around
I've thought about and I've found

That I am
The coolest


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About "The Coolest Girl"

Herman is always the butt of the joke. Everyone knows she can’t draw, but there’s something she knows about herself that she’s been keeping secret.

She’s been the coolest girl all along!

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