Quiet Storm (Freestyle)


Point that beat out cause I'm gone kill it
Nigga I got no feelings
All I got is this weed
And it's givin me visions
Saying that I'm gone make it
Telling me that I'm king
Balling hard like I'm Brady
He cinco he got 5 rings
All I want to do
Is tell my momma that I'm rich
Fucking hoes on the daily
But I do not love these bitches
I switched the style up
Fucked around and made ya sick
I just bought a Glock
That you can't hear
It came with a dick
No homo
I'm riding solo through the city 24s on deck
These bitches let me sign they titties cause they know I'm up next
I go hard
So hard
The flow hard
Shoot a nigga head to toe
If he pull my hoe card

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