No Heart (Freestyle)


Niggas say they dripping sauce
Well i'm dripping mayonnaise
Hm fuck a friend I just wanna get paid
Me and all my niggas just got lit like Saturday
Young killas with me and they doing what I say
Nah we ain't no Hoopers but we balling like 2k
That nigga talking shit so we gone pull up where he stay
Walk up ring the doorbell then I put 2 in his face
If that ain't enough then it's bazookas to his place
Young suburb nigga and I'm still gone fuck shit up
Young suburb nigga I ain't never gave a fuck
Always talking bout cinco but they never pull up
So Imma pull a loc dog with that pistol shoot shit up
Jeans must be a bed because I keep that 40 tucked
He tried to tell me sorry but his ass ran out of luck
If you see that phantom then ya whole crew better duck
Cause when we get to busting we not stopping till ya gone
Ion give a fuck where y'all niggas came from
Blow up ya whole family that's your wifey daughter son
That nigga cinco coming man y'all niggas better run
But I ain't with the shooting I'm just rapping this for fun
Don't take that line to serious
Cause I will go delirious
And wet up your hole block and shit
Shout out to that veinti uno
But cinco had to rip this shit
And yes cinco is with the shits
But cinco onnat chillin shit
If I'm broke I'll hit that lick
If she horny I'll hit that bihh
Not gone stop even if I'm sick
Cause my eyes set on getting rich
Y'all talking it
I'm getting it
Y'all need that dope
I'll whip a brick
Anything to not be broke
Cause that broke shit
I'm not with it

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