Ultimate (Freestyle)


I pull up on niggas and air they shit out
Pull up on yo hoe and dick they hoe down
Sippin on codeine and smoking that loud
Niggas turn snake just cause they want some clout
You are my enemy I do not fuck with you
Dog out your bitch like my turn her name to
Niggas talk shit
I hit them with that who are you
You are below me
I'm on a new level
Ultimate cinco go saiyan on niggas
You is a bitch nigga you don't pull triggas
Say u be juggin but you not on jiggas
You just a pussy I don't fuck with you niggas
Making that cash nigga countin 4 figures
Tommy in my pants no hilfiger
Its just bullets going through your brain tissue
And I ain't stopping nigga I'm on a mission
Whipping and flipping and beating that pack
I ain't from the hood but I need me a bag
I'm chasing in chasing I'm chasing that cash
Nigga talk shit i sling bullets like dak
Yeah cinco not playing no mo
I just dip and I dab and I flex on you hoes
I pour me a six or night pour up a 4
If I pour up that 4 I can't feel shit no more
Taking over the game bih I'm kicking downs Doors
You don't need you a vest bih . aiming for yo nose
Just know that

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