Billy Grimes

Panda (remix)


So I don't normally write like this but you know
It's time to start having fun with this
This is actually a pretty good beat to
Haha, Panda

[Verse 1]
I'm musically intricate
Ain't no hope for this little kid
Every track is explicit
Nothing but truth it's why they won't listen
They say they won't feel it
I know that they feel it
I know what they feeling
This music relatable
Kill the beat like I'm Hannibal
Flow is organical
It's like I'm mechanical
Born to do it
Don't care what they doing
I stay in my lane
Don't care what they say about ME!
I'd rather be free than locked up in chains
I'm being the change that I wanna see
I hope they see free when they looking at me
I want them set free when they listen to me
I want them to be what they want to be
I won’t chase a degree
I’m chasing my dream
I’m not gonna be what they want me to be
I’m gonna be me
That’s all I can be
When I look in the mirror I'll become what I said I would be
A person with purpose is what you should be
I'm not dissing a person
Just want you to see
You were put here on purpose
See my life got a purpose
Imma fiend to the music
A thief to careers
I could end em all right here
But I gotta stay focused- cause
He can end it all right here
I know what I want imma go out and get it
Don't tell me to quit it I won't ever listen
They telling me something
I'm not hearing nothing
I'm so fed up wit it
That's president Nixon
I'm bout to make history
Panda (laugh)

[Verse 2]
I write music cause the heart hurt
You write music so the girls flirt
If life is a movie
Get the popcorn and the tissues
I’m confessing my issues
I get real personal with it
Music’s a passion of mine
And i hate that you killed it
Like why you still in it?
You lacking the lyrics so just start winging
Like “nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh”
And think that you winning?
Let’s take it back to beginning
When saul was distressed and the music was healing
You just being saying some stuff
And the labels be paying you
So I should get payment to
Maybe start selling candy to
Get me a grammy
Some money I’m beginning to
Feel like im winning to
Ill get paid when the payments due
Stay in my room and away from you
Rehearsing my verses
They gotta be perfect
I’m quite the perfectionist
A bit of a pesismest
But im also an optimist to
But not in my prime
I’m quite paradoxal
Should get me a doctor with all of these problems
But music my thereapy
I can’t find any beats
I guess that they scared of me
Guess i’ll use this one
Send desiigner to therepy
Desiigner you hearing me?
We can’t understand you
Are you understanding me?
You’re not on a stand to me
About 20 people are fans of me
Consider them family
Ain’t nobody famishing
Panda (laugh)

[Verse 3]
Black pen white paper
Write it down and record it later
Make a living out killing beats
Im in my feelings
Flying high like a jetson
Son I'll see you later
But you ain’t no alligator
More like an agitator
Calculat3 the odds
Man forget odds
I'm here now and I will be later
I’m a starboy
Forget a job cause employed
Work on the weekends
An android
Are we To Deep To exploit
I think we just paranoid
To scared of failure
Afraid to live life outside of our barrier
If we could just bury our
Fear of failure
Then maybe realize
Greater things is what we were made for
But back to the topic
That’s in a song that i’m making later
Losing my patience
I want it now but God’s saying later
So i’m perfecting my craft
Not a moment goes by that i’m not in a trance
Got me losing my focus on school making 4 out of tens
Writing songs stead of paying attention
Cause I don’t care bout a test
Man i’m not like the rest
I’m just way to driven
They say I have potential
This songs almost over but I have 1000 more pencils
My writing utensils go crazy im mental
I do what i’m meant to
Swear that i’m made for this
Yo I'm grinding everyday for this
Bout to be on raps most wanted listened
I don't wanna be an indie artist
Arts a profession man I'm tryna get paid for this
All I do is keep it real I'd be lying if I said I don't want the fame in this
I'm a man with a dream but I still i gotta know that the glory is his

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About "Panda (remix)"

This song was just a side project to be released before the EP Stay Alive. Somebody had asked me to do a remix to Panda. I replied, “Man, I haven’t even listened to that song.” I listened to it like 3 times after that to get an idea of what the song was about and then just wrote to the beat.

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