Lame gang x12

First we all started out crawling
Now my niggas lame gang balling
Niggas don't like you til you popping
But them same niggas only running out of options
They don't like how you do it so they try to pop shit
While you hit the mall just run it up and cop shit
Niggas shooting niggas that's lame
No that's cop shit
Your hashtag on Twitter ain't gon' stop shit
Free my niggas free my niggas stop it
All you niggas doing is alerting the ops shit
Hating on ya niggas but you see we do the opposite
Love produces love. And we see you try to stop it
Keep it up. Ol lame ass niggas pulling triggers

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About "Lame Gang"

Royal looks at the dichotomy of rappers being either portrayed as Gangsters or Lames, and questions the true meaning of the two.

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