Don Q

Take Me Alive


What's your process now, like what's the motivation now?
Like before, you know the motivation was like your man a..a..and you know
God bless the day man, you pop
You just know I can't go back
When I started this shit, I was just doing this shit for my hood (for real)
Not realized I could take over the whole world doing this shit, you know

[Verse 1: Don Q]
Yeah, uh
I promised they'll never take me alive
All the jealousy is making me strive
I was made to survive
Pop a pill start chasing my high
Blow a dub for my nigga ‘cause he’s facing a dime
Young nigga living like it’s do or die
He doing time and never finished junior high
They put him through that dirty system you can lose your mind
Move aside cause he known to carry his tool with pride
Now who am I
Just a nigga that was on the corner sellin', with wanted felons
It was all a lesson, now I use my thoughts as weapons
And I got tired of seeing my mama work like she Florida Evans
So I flew her out to Florida and I bought a section
Street niggas we just living like there's not tomorrow
Dirty pistols, we stole from stolen car, who thought we'll go this far
I was saving crack money for them new J's
Now I'm spending house money on the new chain
Cupid got that matte black Benz he think he Bruce Wayne
Jewels hang, come around and I make niggas mood change
Sippin' so much red it started to give my tooth stains
Peelin' in and out of two lanes, take off the poop[?] brain
Nigga who y'all know better than Don, riddle me that
They know where I'm lyrically at
Listen, I mix the lean the percs that's my energy pack
Catch me wearin' the same clothes I still live like I trap
I just bought my mama presents, I got a designer fetish
I don't take it for granted, make sure every dollar cherish
Put the nickel on the fabric and I got a lotta karats
I just been sippin' like a addict
Flying in and out of Paris, what's up
[Chorus: Don Q]
I promised they never take me alive
I promised they never take me alive

[Verse 2: Styles P & Jadakiss]
I promised they'll never take me alive
Walk in the Beamer dealer take me a 5
Walk in the gun range take me a .9
Walk in the dope spot take me a dime
Walk in the bookie spot and take me a line
We hoppin' off the jet in Japan, fuck Bape up
Cashmere skully on top of the mean shape up
You ain't gon' be happy 'til they put they yellow tape up
I ain't gon' be happy 'til my niggas shoot the wake up
Couple niggas cake'd up, a couple niggas was starve, ya
Couple niggas shot and a couple niggas was carved, ya
Come to your hustle you either small or you large, ya
Know we about that paper, you know it's the black mob ya
Kill 'em and leave his jewelry on 'em, we consider it
To smart to hold a conversation with the illiterate
That'll put the team in jeopardy
You know we got them bricks with the cut that's sold separately
35 hundred of bottle of Chardon Hennesey
Feeling heavenly, blowing God's gift in Beverly
Hills blowin' bags of rodeo, fuck all my enemies
Fuck around and bust off this gun cause muscle memory
Life it's consequences, repercussions or penalties
I can give you the game just come to the assembly
No matter what just know they could never destroy the energy
For now live life and just enjoy the amenities
You can make it happen for you or watch it happen for them
Why you think niggas is packed in the pen
Niggas don't know how to act in the Benz
Couple of bands on 'em
Crosses, couple of feet, couple of hands on 'em

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