Feel Lip (Philip N. Hillman)

Accept My Flaws Freestyle Remix


[Chorus : ] [Rayd] aka Richard Mower
Say what I say and I do what I do
Fuck your opinion my life is the truth

[verse : 1] [Feel Lip] aka Philip N. Hillman
Dizzy tell accept my flaws
Before another clip in this tech gets lost
From your toes to your legs to your chest to your head to your throat to your neck and jaw
Fuck the police every cop
I ain't scared to break any law
Put the ball down
I told y'all ain't no playing in my section dawg
Muscle ass who you flexing on
Fall back like your leg got sawed
My flows so electric shock
A little more effort mom
I breath weed till the records hot
I'm hella fresh and raw
And when I step I stomp
Itty bitty pretty little sexy broad
Tickling my jimmy when I let her on
Titty for a titty she needs extra bras
She said "pussy too wet can I get a cock"
Who am I to deny her that
She's getting tired of tire tracks
My whole attire's a liar, liar, pull your pants up bitch fire back
A wrinkle in time where the iron at ?
Give me a time that the Maiyans can't
I ain't tripping y'all life's a drag
Like a cigarette burning my entire hand
If your the man better find a plan
If you can't stand straight when you try to land
You can all blame fate for the time we had
Ay Bay Bay better stay strong when I write a jam
Straight edge till the edge doped, get it straight
Don't think I won't detonate
Hoe step away
Dont let em hate
Momentum ain't dead
Go get em Rayd

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