Vision so clear it's like television
Diamonds so pure it's like television
Living my dreams just like television
Now tell a bitch Royal doing hella rich shit
We speak it to life bitch thats tell a vision
We living too bright that's tell a vision
We stay on all night bitch that's television
Television, television

Used to borrow Netflix now I ball on net bitch
Never been to the Barclays
So it's Brooklyn next
Bitches used to laugh at my life now they telling me let's switch
Cause a nigga came up like you googling draft picks
I'm all growed up, no more smashing rug rat chicks
Got a chick all on my arm who look just like an actress
Ever Since I came from the depths they thinking I'm catfish Wanna hear some fact shit, got remotes for my mattress
I'm Serving took a ball and got hella base
Ya girl slid through and got hella faced
Feds tried to hook me and went hella fishing
Niggas try to talk they went hella missing
What goes up must come down but I came from down so I must stay up
Tell a bitch I'm Slam dunking life now so I never could lay up

They started to listen
They thought they were getting some shit about foreigns and money and women
Instead they got put in position, cause I'm on a mission
I'm warging these niggas they seeing my vision
Fuck all the people who skimming and thinking I'm silly
I set this shit up so the real niggas feel me
Real niggas feel me
Fake niggas fear me


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About "Tell-A-Vision"

Royal explores the power of words, and speaking things into existence.

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