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About "Tremendous Sea of Love"

“TSOL” is the 8th track released by Passion Pit from Tremendous Sea of Love. It is not shown on the tracklist, but is presumed to be an intro to the album. It was posted on YouTube on February 28th, 2017 by the Wishart Group, an organization founded by Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit), and has since been deleted. It is the third instrumental track from Passion Pit.
TSOL stands for “Tremendous Sea of Love” (the album title). Its video on YouTube showed the album art shifting from color edit to color edit. Each song that was posted had its own rendition of the album art as its track art and some of those edits were featured in the TSOL video (for example, You have the right, Hey k, Moonbeam, and Inner Dialogue), but also edits that were not used as track art. It was the first video to include the non-edited album art.

The name “TSOL” could also be a play on the word “Lost”, reflecting the aimless and empty feel of the track.

Tremendous Sea of Love Track info

Performed By Michael Angelakos
Photography By Hana Haley
Creative Director Hana Haley
Assistant Producer Brad Lauchert
Engineer Brad Lauchert
Mastered by Brad Lauchert
Mixing Brad Lauchert
Artwork by Hana Haley