I don't really wanna waste my time
I'm just gonna do just one more line
I just wanna make this whole life mine
In the end is this what it is like
How many times did you change your mind
Before this shit started feeling divine
I just had to start reading the signs
How did a nigga so def start leading the blind

Ima still be awake when the sun come out
Ima still run a play when the fun run out
If I don't start this shit today then I'm done
Somehow got the courage to disparage any bums around
Cuz I don't want a sudden run in with my son
Talking bout how daddy almost did it but he had to fail somehow
Caught In a spell of bitches brews and the real
Holy shit I'd rather fail if lobotomy is the Grail

Chancing sitting in a cell
For a chance to escape hell on earth since birth I always knew the deal
What's really real
I'd rather be a Felli fell or a Marly Marl
Than a picking cotton out the bottle slave to the alcohol
Fuck em all Ima ball if its the last thing I do
When I retire be inspired when I score 62
I'm out here lying but I'm crying cause' my courage coming through
Cause if I take the yellow brick road it might be you that I'm serving to x2

So wake me up before my youth is gone x2

Lord free my soul


Did you change your mind
Started feeling divine
Reading the signs
Leading the blind

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About "Youth"

A song that covers the internal tug of war of how to obtain freedom from a mundane life, between the legal way and the illegal way. The different parts of Royal’s conscious try to battle it out and make a decision before time is up and “Youth” has run out trapping him a life of normalcy forever.

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