Come in eating niggas like pacman
She running from the dick like pacman
Im all about my cheese like im pacman
Dont fw you niggas dont dap man

Gotcha bitch twitchin like a crackman
Dressed in all black like im batman
You do not chase the green like a fat man
Lookin at your jewelry what is that man
You niggas really actors no jackman
Talking drazy hit you with a backhand
You niggas really lame ya really wack man
Cinco get more cake than a lap dance

Balling hard you call me chapman
Bitch suck my dick & do a handstand
Cincotheflexgod or the bandman
Hammering ya bitch like im the sandman


Lil $torm bitch , you know the name nigga
Make sure you spell that shit with a money sign too nigga
CincoTheFlexGod AKA the mothafuckin goat ya feel me im finna go back in

Come In Killing Shit , I Iced My My Wrist You Think Its Broken
Tap upon my necklace , playin freeze tag ,that shit frozen
Cincoflexgod is the shit , yeah that is my slogan
Dick all in her throat , she get to gagging and she choking

Come in flexing shit & its a habit
Lookin at my pockets , stuffed with cabbage
Bitches homie hoppin like a rabbit
Slaughter on ya daughter like savage
Flex god , i swear im not average
Fuck on your wife , end marriage
You niggas copy me just like a parrot
Nut all on her face , she like to wear it
Milinokis pockets full of profit
You ain't poppin nigga , needa stop it
Beating on the pussy like im knocking
On the road to success , no stoppinng
Your bitch here & i got her pussy throbbin
Dreamboyz up forever mobbing
Shoutout my nigga ant go bonkers
Your bitch fuck with me dick longer

Dreamboyz Go Drazy You Feel Me
Doolin Eating Dhocolate Dhip Dookies
Aye Yeah Ya Feel Me , Holdon Imma Go Back In

Fucked A Bitch , Look Like Susan Test
Knees Weak , But Her Head The Best
You fuckin Goat Mr.Flex
Diamonds Dancing Hard Like Famous Dex
They ask me why these diamonds on my chest
Cause Im The Fuckin Shit Poop Deck
That bitch dont get a kiss , not a peck
O-M-G i got his bitch wet

I took his bitch , now its game over
Swear pockets full of 4 leaf clovers
Cincoflexgod stay sober
Bitch called me pumpkin , ain't october
When i get on , diamond choker
I like to paint face , look like joker
Throwing up money like a floater
Dunk on the pussy like a poster
Diamonds on wrist like avalanche
Diamonds cold , like frosty snowman
Threesome with hispanics thats a dab of ranch
Lil $torm boy im on that ass
Balling like kobe , dont pass
Couple bitches call me a jackass
Not from earth , im from the wonderland
Gotta couple hoes ion followback

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