Two faces on one head
A jinxing speech
Miming little shrew
Just too weak
Belly hides the shriek
No instinct
Before he bit the dust remarked the truth will set you free

But I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man

Feline sprinting away
Eyeballs grow wide he's afraid
All right
If you want me to say it right
Why don't you say it
Lap up the milk from the bowl
The sour sweet and you know it
Like a lake as your brain
Felt insane
Tried to tread got exhausted then sank
Got a splinter upon sprinting away
What a shame, all the same
Shaking the hand of my future self
Pinch on the shoulder and a whisper "oh well"
Placeholder sentiment us humans exchange
Future Chris is now running away
All the same, what a shame
Ending up in the exact same place
Cracking code trying to understand, best I can

Why I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man

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