Brett Domino

(In a) Funk

in Funk


Take me down into your hippocampus
I got some questions and you got the answers
But you won’t give ‘em up, and I ain’t giving up
‘Cause we got something, but I don’t know if you see it
I think you do, but maybe don’t want to believe it
Look me in the eye & just take the jump
‘Cause right now, girl, you got me all up in a funk

Yeah, catch me in the morning, I’m bright and breezy
Putting coffee in the moka pot, nice and easy
But my cappuccino tend to sap my ego
When I check my SMS you say you don’t wanna see me
Well girl you know, even though I might have put my foot in it
You’re kissing goodbye to a good thing if you’re shutting it away
And baby, I can win you round
So please just give me a chance ‘cause you’re bringing me down
Girl, you’re my Beyoncé
I can be your Jay Z
You know we both single
So give me a signal

I got no time for Tinder
I’d rather scroll through your profile pictures
Just give me a sign

Yeah, you’re my A. Jolie
I can be your Brad P*
So what’s taking the time up
Making your mind up?

You can be my valentine
Every single valentines day
When it’s valentines day

I’m ready for the outcome, tell me blunt
I’m standing here, defenceless, at the battlefront
Wondering if I shot a brick or if I hit a slam dunk
‘Cause the last few weeks I’ve been pretty much stuck in a funk

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