Brett Domino


in Funk


That’s right, girl, bounce that ass
Shake it to this tape like you’re never coming back
That’s the main reason why I make this music
So I can sit back and watch your body lose it

Yeah, just get lost in the moment
‘Cause time don’t wait for no man
But if time’s makin an exception for beauty
Then surely it’ll slow it right down for you ‘n’ me

We be pretty well matched
But there’s a voice in my head saying there’s a catch
I can’t deny that there is sexual attraction
But let’s just take a step back before any further action

Yeah, you’re damn near perfect from your head to your feet
You even like to eat the type of food I like to eat
We could be soul mates down on paper
But I don’t feel the butterflies when I date ya
No, I don’t feel the butterflies
What’s with that, girl?

You’re like a facsimile of my ideal girlfriend
You’re not the one, but I can’t put my finger on why
You’re like a facsimile of my dream woman
You’re pretty damn near perfect, but it’s perfect that I want

Now, don’t get me wrong, girl, don’t misquote me
You’re a ten out of ten, yeah and your body’s smoking hot
Like a wok on a nine-inch hob
You got me sweating so hard I got to fetch a mop

Everybody be telling me I’m being crazy
Not to go home with such a sexy lady
‘Cause I said, in my head, that you’re damn near perfect
But something unexplainable is making me nervous

I don’t know why, but I’m not convinced
I’m’a just go home now and listen to Prince
You don’t have to be rich to be my girl
You just have to be the one, and you’re just not her

Though it pains me to say it
And believe me, I don’t downplay it
Yeah, we could be soul mates down on paper
But I just don’t feel the butterflies when I date ya

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