Brett Domino

Magic Cane

in Funk


Can’t seem to stop myself from wanting ya
I gotta have you, sweet thing
Just one more taste to get me off through the night, alright
What you got?
You got to give it to me
Albatross around my neck got me feeling woozy
You give me fever, seeing all kind of kaleidoscope lights, tonight

Is it just me or are the walls closing in on us?
Is this real life or is this something made by Oculus?
Desire consumes me with unstoppable ferociousness
Pull the pin from my grenade
‘Cause I’m an addict
Just gotta have it
I gotta feel your sweet love running round through my veins
And I know you’re just no good to me
But I’m just a sucker for gluttony
And you know just how to satisfy me
It’s something I just can’t explain
It’s like magic

You draw me in like metal to Magneto
I need you like them fish need to find Nemo
Give me superpowers like Keanu Reeves as Neo
Kicking it with Brett D & this guy named Sio

I have to say I have a tendency for it
I just can’t get enough of you, you make me feel like I’m alive
One more hit
I’m begging, baby, will you give me it?
Feed my saccharific infatuation, promise this will be the last time

You know me girl, yeah, I’ve always had a sweet tooth
I ain’t no liar, I say nothing but the sweet truth
My head says stop, but my heart says do it
Get that dopamine into my brain

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About "Magic Cane"

“Magic Cane” is the 9th track on Brett Domino’s debut album “Funk”. In the music video, it states “As part of the Kickstarter campaign for the ‘Funk’ album, one backer was given the opportunity to name a song. That backer was Simone ‘Sio’ Albrigi and this is the song that he named.”

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