How you a rapper if you never been a trapper
How you a rapper if you really not an actor?
How you a rapper if you ain't taking money pics?
How you a rapper if you ain't lying on yo dick?
How you rapper if you ain't robbing anybody?
How you a rapper Fuckin ya girl not everybody
How you a rapper if you never ever caught a body
How you a rapper if shoot a video With no Bugatti
How you a rapper if you hate the fucking strip club?
How you a rapper if you never really sold drugs. How you a rapper if you show everybody fucking love?
How you a rapper using condoms when you fuck
How you a rapper you don't have a tatted face?
How you a rapper mama moved you to a nice place?
How you a rapper if you never even caught a case?
Never clutched an AR?
Never been on Worldstar
You ain't got a cosign
Her ass don't resemble bovines
You not the biggest fashion dude?
You got a nice attitude?
You use different rhyme schemes
You ain't got a big team?
Hook got more than one word x4
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(22 Savage)
Pull up on your motherfucking block with the glizzy
You pussy niggas acting hard you pussy niggas tripping
Whipping in the Kitchen I just cooked an O
You pussy ass niggas y'all never sold dope
Whipping in the kitchen I got fours for the low
Pussy ass nigga I be trapping out a store
Whip that fucking bowl like its fucking Campbells soup
Drop that fucking tabs in my motherfucking juice
I just hit a lick I be trapping on the corner
You pussy ass niggas never sold Marijuana
I be in the kitchen I'm jugging off that sticky
22 Savage I'll sell your bitch some titties
Sell that hoe some titties, I'll sell your bitch some titties
You jugging while I'm sticking, yeah I'm sticking

Rapper 16x

If I ain't squealing
If I get into my feelings
If I advocate sobriety
If I talk about society
If I don't really need the money
If I'm just a little bit funny
If all I say is this
If I ain't got purple piss
If I don't write a diss
If I'm not very arrogant
If I don't get 6 women pregnant
If I ain't got a money phone
If ain't make a shmoney song
If my whole songs a fucking hook
I'm not a crook
No not in my book. X3
Are you a rapper
No not in my book
Bitch I'm not a rapper I'm a motherfucking trapper x3

Rapper 16x

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Royal questions what it means to be a rapper in 2017.

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