Everything looks good in the sunshine
Everything feels good in the sunshine
Everyone looks good in the sunshine
But you’re the kind of person that looks best in the shade

Kick out your best lick, put up your fists
‘Cause we’re about to get physical
Don’t act quizzical, you know what I mean
I’m built like a bean, of course I’m not being literal

I’m talking in the vernacular
I’m an ambassador, get ready for a lyrical massacre
I got the rhymes when it comes down to it
I hope you got a tongue, mate, you’re about to chew it
I take you down like a lamb to the slaughter
‘Cause I come straight outta Dictionary Corner
I was born there, I’ll floor ya, here’s a caution, have some water
You’re gonna get dehydrated, just don’t say I didn’t warn ya

Fzz, that’s your brain overheating in the sun
Like Carlos Santana, man, it’s a hot one
Blue sky, cool breeze, thirty plus centigrade
But you’d better stay at home and don’t come out of the shade

Let’s go out in the sunshine
We could have a fun time
Kicking a ball and sitting
Oh no, but I don’t wanna look at you
‘Cause you’re not too pretty

Yeah, it’s all good in the summertime
Mixing up a fresh lime soda
Cachaça and cola
But you’re better in the shade if you know what’s good for you

Ding ding ding, now we’re back in the ring
You’d better have a screen up for these shots I’m ‘bout to sling
I hope you get tweets
‘Cause I got mad beef
And one-hundred-and-forty characters to bring
Ping ping ping, that’s your phone lighting up
Delivering fresh zing that I’m typing up
You’re so inconsequential, GPS can’t find ya
You’re so unsightly, your face crashed Grindr

Your IQ so low, you gotta dig for it
Unlimited refills of the stupid juice and your swigging it
What’s that you’re wearing? It’s an absolute disgrace
Your computer has a really clumsy user interface

You’re just a massive idiot, and that’s all I got to say
So your best bet, I guess, is just to stay away
Yeah, you’re a fully qualified member of the jerk brigade
Only one place for you and I’m afraid that’s the shade

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