Brett Domino

Tongue Tied

in Funk


I’ve never been much of a player
I know I said I was but words aren’t worth the paper
You probably think that I’m some kind of Don Draper
But I work from home, not in a fancy skyscraper

Line up our fans and they would stretch the equator
Maybe one of them is cool and I could date her
But right now I’m’a have to take a rain check
‘Cause all that I can think about now is my next-door neighbour

Yeah, I think I’m in love with my neighbour
I’d follow her across acre after acre
Just like the butler in the second Tomb Raider
And she’s figuratively locked me in that walk-in refrigerator
Yeah, she so cold she got me shaking
I get so nervous when I see her I start quaking
Mouth dry at just the thought of conversation
Brain dead for potential ice-breakers

But here I am now, final preparations
Standing by her door, the moment for which I’ve been waiting
About to make the very first communication
Take a big puff on my inhaler

Bo-boom boom, heart racing
Pretty soon I’ll need defibrillating
Here she comes, start to say a silent prayer
Door opens. What the hell am I gonna say to her?

I don’t know what to say to her
She’s looking at me, I’ve not a clue what to say to her
Deer in the headlights, I don’t know what to say to her
Shut like a clam, can’t think of anything to say to her

Then I’m like
Uh, uh, uh, uh, I get lost for words around you

Still standing there, just looking like a muppet
Time stopped, sick feeling in my stomach
Wishing the ground would open up and I could plummet
She’s asking me if I’m ok, come on, just say sumat
Just say sumat
Come on, just say sumat
Anything, just say sumat
Just open your mouth, form the words and say sumat

So now she starts to shut the door in confusion
Thought she could be the one but that was just delusion
If only I could interact entirely through music
I’d point my speakers at her door and this is how I’d do it

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