Jacqueline Amos

I, Too Sing America


Oh the rivers upon my feet
The battleground of darkness
That lies upon the swampy dark rivers;
I sing American never the less my
War begins at my feet, the blasting gun;
The smell of death, the leaf t hat gathers in my way;
The galloping horse, the leaves that protect me;
The cold black river; and the smell of rotten fish
I linker too eat.

I, too, sing America
The home of the free;
The flag that waves for me; upon the skies; the national anthem
Oh, God I give to thee;
The hymns of victory the harks sings upon the night;

I, too, sing America

The mother Moses, the Jesus, who lye upon the cross
The ropes that bond his hands and feet;
The warriors of the night as they bring me cross

I, too, sing America

I cry not the battle that I wept,
I as my brothers the test of faith
Man shall never understand the battles I fought.
I pledge allegiance upon the cross.
I sing the allegiance of my Father, Oh glory;
I sign the constitution in blood.

Nevertheless the color code pleaded;
a different allegiance to the flag
However, the land I walk upon, the creations of God,
the rivers that I walk,
The air that I breathe, the codes of scripts,
the legacies of the blueprint written
In Gods words; I shall set you free;
the passage of freedom that I pledge,
Oh say can you see;
The almighty that fought for me,
loyalties to the flag call Jesus;
Indoctrination freedom.
I, too, sing America.
I am the son of t he sons
The war is over I give grace to God.

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About "I, Too Sing America"

A so-called love letter to the US by Jacqueline Amos.

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