[Intro: Thundercat + Mac Miller]
Change anything
Love, death
As it should
As it should
As it should
Death (death)
One more time, are you ready?
[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Seduction, deception
Enough with the questions
Ooh, we running outta time, time, time

[Bridge: Thundercat]
Heavy load
Watch it all unfold

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
You promised that you'd never die
Oh, how naive of me
I wish someone could tell me why
Why it's so hard to lie from your knees
I'm down to the bottom of the bottle
Say hello forever and goodbye tomorrow

[Outro: Thundercat + Mac Miller]
Children of forever
Children of forever
Children of forever
That sound is so awesome


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About "Hi"

“Hi” is a bonus track included on Japanese versions of Drunk. It features Mac Miller, with whom Thundercat has collaborated before: he provided vocals to Miller’s “In The Morning” and produced tracks “Break The Law” and “Brand Name.”

It’s unsurprising that Japan should get such a special collaboration as a bonus – Thundercat’s very open about his love of Japan, from the aesthetic of his 2015 LP The Beyond / Where The Giant’s Roam to the samurai-featuring music video for his song “Them Changes” and his Japanophilic Drunk cut, “Tokyo.”

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