Phyllis Strong

God Has Blessed America


God has blessed America
with the ability to choose.
And we lean on our own understanding;
not asking him what to do.

God has blessed America
with landscape’s that will take your breath away.
And we dig up and cut-down,
and litter every day.

When God made the earth
He said, “It is good.”
And we’re not taking care of it;
like we know we really should.
God has blessed America
more than we deserve;
With his love and compassion,
His mercies new each day.

God has blessed America
With the babies that he give;
and we abuse and neglect them,
and kill them daily still.

God has Blessed America
Oh, how he blessed us so.
We have freedom in our country;
More than other countries will know.

God has blessed America
with oceans blue as the sky;
and we pollute them, killing sea life,
not caring that they die.

God has blessed America
we have freedom of speech;
and we destroy; killing spirits
with the poison that we speak.

God has blessed America
The land we say we love;
But we continue to destroy it,
The land we’re unworthy of.

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About "God Has Blessed America"

It’s a simple poem about Americans taking for granted what God has given them.

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