Alpha Mason

A Note To You


[Intro:Alpha Mason]
Ooohhh That sensitive love and touch of yours
Little hands ...
Little hands softs palms ....

[Verse 1: Alpha Mason]
That sensitive love & touch of yours
Little hands, soft palms, when you rub my facial pores
I wrote a note, to be honest, you deserve and more
Always stuck on my conscience, kinda tipsy for whatever you got, I be tripping for
I be drunk in love
Off the herb, Drugged in Love
You know how I do
You love the kid, yeah boo I got you
Fuck and we make some babies, draw new blood like a Pyru

[Verse 2]
And I love you shawty
Smirk when you bring the hip tricks to me
Such a hipster to me
Weirdo, Peace signs, smoke a little Mary
Sensei, believe signs, someone I'd marry
Often I visualize 9 months you'd carry, a little bit of me
Such a flower, empowered, I'm proud of what you be
Learning ways of you body for hours I'm honored no truancy

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