Listen up

Walk in line
Walk in line behind me
Follow the leader is the game we play
Wake up
Have you realized that our only option is to obey
What they say?
Commanding from their castle of infamy
Who are you?
A product of society
Who are you?
A cold machine with no identity
Where is your soul now?
Look within to find out
We are the prototype
An abomination of social design
A programmed mankind
Manufactured with mechanic minds

How can we exist without a reason to live?
Your version of peace will never be worth it!
The face of One United is the face of lies
The truth may set some free
But tonight the truth will claim your life!

We must refuse to be mechanized
We must refuse (We must refuse)
To be mechanized
We must refuse (We must refuse)
If we value our lives

What do you value?

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