ZaN Justice

That’s School


Look ima just be straight up
The education system sucks

I'm writing here in a lame ass classroom
We all GT but I still call it a dumbass room
I see all the choices A B C or D
Multiple choice ain't gon get me a degree
They say that we learning we churning I'm turning around
From all these people who tryna teach me
Nobody's unique here they ain't tryna reach me
Just 50 years ago they be tryna preach me
Modern education might as well be a prison
Actually I'll take that back cuz prisons have a mission
A prison wants you to succeed when you leave
A school wants you to follow the system
A school don't want speaking, we only listen
Unlike insurance school ain't progressive
We just sit back and all get tested
They would teach us about the powerhouse of the cell or why I'm going to hell rather than saying how we can avoid a prison cell
No one gets creative at school
Can we listen so music while we work?
Man you is a fool
Yeah I know that what some men did 500 years ago was cruel
But standardized tests? Nah they cool
Teachers are great I've learned to appreciate
Working for us with very little pay
They volunteering they life and I hope they stay
Teachers ain't the problem it's the curriculum
Making us learn less about life and more on sums
If an old man in Austin who ain't ever sat at a public school desk decides what hisd should test then this system obviously ain't the best
I don't know about taxes but in 4th grade I did a project on Nordic axes and I know a reflection across the x and y axis
I know about the holocaust but not about the cost of raising a family or how to not be a hermit who lives on the brink of insanity
I know how to walk in line during a fire drill but school didn't teach me whit on how to build a power mill or how to run for office but still
Ya know
It's worth it to spend 12 years here
12 grades 12 years a slave
Maybe if we paid teachers more
Girls wouldn't drop out and become a whore
Maybe if Texas taught sex Ed
There wouldn't be hiv and teenagers dead
Maybe if school was in the constitution
There would be more geniuses and less prostitution

It's like our Brains are thatched and the river of knowledge fellows right past
That's school
It's like our Brains are thatched and the river of knowledge fellows right past
That's school

That's school that's school that's school

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About "That’s School"

In this song ZaN Justice basically disses the modern education system. He brings up how the education has not taught him anything valuable or useful for life. He also takes a hit on STAAR testing. This was partially inspired by his recent removal from the leadership program at his middle school, a very flawed program. If one were to listen to these lyrics this song would truly speak out to them.

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