ZaN Justice

Show Goes On


You don't know the dark if you ain't ever turned your back
You don't know justice if you ain't ever been attacked
You do know bout racism if you is American
You know bout my lyrics if you a Good Samaritan
My flame of life should forever burn
My wheels of strife should forever turn
My names a book waiting to be returned
My respect is something I'm willing to be re earned
All these rules that have been bent
All that shit that I haven't meant
Hide from it all get on your phone
But then you just become more prone
A drone to what we strive for
A clone is what we die for
Am I Mayan cuz I ate my own heart out
Am I sighing cuz I got myself barred out
I used to think money was all you need to have
I used to not have twice the happiness to halve
I love you so much ain't an alternative fact
To the depth of my emotions I've barely cracked
My thoughts ain't shallow like a sink
To the depths of the Pacific my ideas sink
The show goes on
The show goes on
You can't lose until you quit
Can't stand up when you sit
Cuz the show goes on

On and on and on
I miss my old best friend Mr. Bryson On
Aww man where have all the good times gone?
Now I care too much bout girls who be blonde
Have I said sorry too many times or not enough?
I wouldn't ever pretend to act tough
I always feel like I can't make the cut
Or maybe I'm the actual slut
1 day dating means good shit don't last
Or maybe it just means there's shit in the past
All around me are these empty chairs
I missed having good luck by a couple hairs
Talk to me so that you can meet me
Then you'll realize you can't delete me
I use weird words I dare you to bleep me
If you don't like me then don't -------- eep me
Well that ain't the first misunderstanding
Thrift stores gave me cheap branding
Daddy taught me framing to sanding
We running side by side don't you dare cross us
Cuz at the end of the day I know the whole fucking process
The show goes on
The show goes on
Show show show goes on
Show goes on
Show goes on
On and on and on
Show goes on
Show goes on
Show goes on

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