I never trust a bitch ever since she ate that forbidden fruit
Wayne taught me that when I first heard dedication two
On sight hoodies up like Desmond from Assassins Creed
Diablo Genovese, I was born inside the belly of the beast
Fuck the rap game tryna act 100 like a damn fever
I see your bitch around here
I wanna beat it down like a meat clever
G shit mane all yall gonna get it
My folks are reckless and demented when the tensions are scented
Basically this whole song here is just one big fuck you
If you down with me just know I got your back like masseuse
Im here straight workin, at the age of Five I started cursin
Watch me switch it up
You're gonna think it's a different person
Xanax got me melting like burnt plastic
Average I am not I am passed it
Bastard whatever your feeding your fam Im after
After we roll this blunt, it's getting fatter
Thought of being broke makes me so nauseous
so when it comes to work mane we aim to be constant
Im just doing what you gotta do coming from the book
The difference is I do this and you just full of bull
It pays a cost to be the boss and this shit aint refundable
Im saving for that shit so I can see my fam comfortable
If I want it I'll get it and that includes your bitches too
Wrote this while Im sippin mud RIP Screw
Had a dream my Impala looking mean
Drop top Chevy looking like a tangerine
Sittin on honey spokes of course
I be breaking bud down on a oujia board
Give you bitches goosebumps and make her say "jinkies"
Let her do everything except give me hickies
Because that right there shows that she owns you
And that right there shows you a hoe too
Rap game Cooler mane I'm something like a villain
Im high, blood on my eyes like Bob Dylan
and Im smoking such mystic
and I think in hieroglyphics

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