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Diamond Life


Diamond Life – Jacob Jacobs

Oh yea Jacob you killed this one
Man im so legit, bout o put the young niggas on game real quick
Yea girl we can go take a pic but the dick game sold separate

Cuz imma. {x2}

Man im so legit bout to put the young niggas on game real quick {x2}

Aight Wasn’t long ago when I won't shit / man I couldn’t even get a back rub / drop a couple hits soon as my tape pub / now every city finna show me love / born broke with rich blood need some good smoke / betta hit me up / down for trouble / yea im in love with good weed and bad bitches / look like im caught up in this epidemic / do I need to get specific / my situation sick need weekly doctor visits / really ain't hard now to get these hoes digits / just by the way I speak she can tell ya boy gifted / ain't get much so I care bout Christmas / Kaylen Garcia the only thing on my wish list / let her twerk twerk twerk that ass on me / that’s the kind that’s hard to hit & pass homie
Yea im so legit .. hook 4 times

She Loving me cuz im on my Che Guevara , running smooth operation jus to make the state better / yea living 21 worst century / where capitalism tryna kill off the economy / but im making these tracks for more then killing time / turning back the clocks tryna free my mind / no diamond in the rough without pressure / no work ethic lets jus see how far that getcha / imma young mogul going mobile on these hoes / CEOs and A&Rs in my phone / yea young boss nigga, im the network what connect you want / nigga I know just about everybody / that’s why everybody around me / saying chad ali soon next to blow / hope his tour bus gotta extra seat

Whooa ride wit me just ride with just just ride with me ride, uhh yea im so legit, bouta to put the young on {cha} on game real quick

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