[Verse 1: RaDaLyricist]
To some I may appear to be another young rapper
I see myself as being the leader of the new chapter
Coming up in the A, I watched music’s devolution
From lowrider Caddies to the next man I’m shooting
It’s tricky but see, this here is ignorant to me
Can I be righteous and be up in this industry B
I mean it’s bigger than these 16s and these big dreams
I’m trying to make some big cream in the big scene (Don’t we all?)
Want a few cribs and a pool and 12 cars
Wrist got pneumonia from them diamonds on Audemars
Move like a boss, got me feeling kinda hard
When reality hits, then you gotta make a call
Does material wealth equal your happiness?
Are you a God or are you being blasphemous?
I had to wake up out my dream to be aware
It’s appealing to the eye but is your soul being fed?
[Hook: Bilal Samadhi & (RaDaLyricist)
Music (I love)
Music (I…)
Music (I am)
Business (I do it for the music)
Music (I am)
Music (I love)
Industry (Not for the cream or the bling, I do it for the music)

[Verse 2: RaDaLyricist]
I treat my rhymes like a way of living
Hip-hop, a classical composition
It’s a feeling of living with dope intention
I got them bars of knowledge if you would listen
Cause Ra got them hits, making all these hits
Started on a MARTA with this trip and now I’m almost rich
Believing is a major part of this, affirm you’ll always win
The love for rhymes and bars is just a part of this
The lifestyle we living, envied by many, wanted by more
It’s obvious and plain to see that we’ve been here before
It is mathematics, lyrical magic
We just use these rhymes to stay happy
Found out material wealth don’t equal happiness
I strive to be a God, never blasphemous
I woke up out my dream, now I am aware
It’s appealing to the eye but now our souls are getting fed

[Verse 3: Bilal Samadhi]
To be in the game for the cheese, for the chain
For the trees, for the trains, anything for the fame
The thief of the name, they’ll say anything for the cream, or the bling
Or the keys to the Range
It seems so deranged, I stay in my lane
With the flute and the bass and the keys and the strings
The beat as it bangs in my Beats
Down the street, down the lane
On my deen as I sing in the rain
The music, the thing keeping me tamed
The……& John Coltrane
Prince and Michael on Soul Train
Keep the truth and music on your brain

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About "Music"

The second collaboration of RaDaLyricist and Bilal Samadhi (or Bilal Abdulsamad from The Boys) since their song, Dream.

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