For Real (Rough Freestyle)


[Verse 1]
Let me expose you to the real
You know the game’s out to trick you with ways to get you
They flash dollars and own you, that’s how they get you
They make slavery fashionable and affordable
“You make a 100K and I make a million” affordable
Some are satisfied cause the fame is worth them coins
I’m telling you this in songs, I’m not here to steer you wrong
I’m using the label analogy to bring it home
They rather be slaves cause freedom take too long (And that’s for real)
They tell you look up to the stars and live out what you feel
They tell you who’s the stars so what you feel ain’t what you feel
The real won’t be revealed so it’s my job to show you real
We live in a real world but not everybody is real
Freestyling off the top with the ones at once
Freedom of the mind then it’s freedom with the gun
You might win some but you just lost one
They’ll tell you it’s so hard so go for the big pun
From 9 to 5 flows to Murcielagos
If you know like I know, you know how I move
The game ain't change, they just looking for high roads
It took senseless murders to open our eyes though
Re-educate my generation one track at a time
Free your mind as we take this trip to a life of rhymes
Freedom is freedom and we gon let freedom ring
Got a dream like ML King but some wants of bling bling
Imagine this image, all the rappers and sport figures
The killers and dope dealers, the actors and those figures
All on the frontline with their fists up in one picture
That’s black power, no cowards allowed with us (And that’s for real)
Now we gon look up to the stars and we gon live out how we feel
We know that we’re the stars so what we feel is what we feel
The real has been revealed, that’s the message for the real
For real

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